Fruits Kingdom Higashine

Located in Yamagata Prefecture, Higashine City is known as the number one producer of Satonishiki cherries in Japan.
The area also produces grapes, peaches, apples and other fruits.


Higashine is the biggest cherry producer in Japan, and is the birthplace of the finest variety, “Sato Nishiki”.


City development deeply considers the cherry

Higashine City is working on developing the city with deep affection for cherries. We have Sakuranbo Higashine Station, which uses a cherry name for the train station. What a rare station name! Higashine Cherry Marathon that has been held since 2002 has grown to a nationwide tourism marathon with over 12,000 participants. The Cherry Pit Spit Competition is also a major event in Higashine City.

Recommended Spots

Sakuranbo Higashine Onsen

Onsen in the beautiful countryside with the view of Gassan and Hayama mountains, and the Asahi mountain range.
Heal your body and soul with the rich effects and penetrating warmth of these Onsen


Higashine Okeyaki

Located in Higashine Elementary School’s playground, the giant Japanese zelkova tree(a species of elm)is over 1,500 years old. it is designated as a Special Natural Monument. Also, one can enjoy the cherry blossoms at the nearby Donomae Park.


With a variety of runs it is particularly popular with snowboarders and the beautiful natural surroundings are a popular sightseeing spot year round. Please try some Japanese soba noodles before heading home.

Higashine-shi PR video