Higashine-grown apples Apples

Delicious apples with the blessing of the sun in bagless cultivation, which is produced by temperature differences specific to the basin climate

Apples were originally from the Caucasus region in Central Asia. Assistant secretaries of the Hokkaido Development Commission brought back 75 kinds of apple seedlings from the US in 1871. The Industrial Promotion Board in the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is currently the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, distributed them all over Japan; apples came to be cultivated widely in Japan.
Bagless Fuji, also called Sun Fuji, are cultivated without bag wrapping, which was first tried in Japan in Yamagata Prefecture.
The Fuji was mainly cultivated with the apples wrapped with bags. Cultivation with bag wrapping brings about uniform coloration, making apples beautiful, but the honeycore is hard to generate. Cultivation with bag wrapping also requires much work because apples must be wrapped one by one.
In bagless cultivation, the honeycore is apt to be generated because of the sunshine exposure. The difference in temperature, which is specific to the basin climate, creates delicious apples with excellent balance between being very sweet and sour.

Features of Higashine-grown apples

Fresh and juicy

How to keep
Higashine-grown apples


How to preserve Higashine-grown apples

Warmth is not good for apples. Put the apples in a plastic bag, tighten the mouth of the bag and put them in the vegetable area of your refrigerator.
When apples mature, they emit ethylene gas. Put an astringent persimmon or kiwi fruit in the bag with the apples to force-ripen them; put a potato in the bag to suppress sprouting. There are differences in storability depending on the apple variety.
The storability becomes higher with the early-ripening type, intermediate-ripening type and late-ripening type in this order.
The later the harvesttime is, the longer the quality keeps.


Healthiness of apples and their main ingredients

Healthiness of apples


An apple a day keeps the doctor away; apples are a good fruit for your body. Apples contain many nutrients and contribute to preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

Main ingredients in apples

Potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and polyphenols

●Potassium helps your body to discharge sodium that causes swelling and to control blood pressure

●Dietary fiber encourages good intestinal bacteria to proliferate in the large intestine, controlling rapid increases in blood sugar and reducing the blood cholesterol

●Vitamin C promotes antioxidation and absorbing iron

●Polyphenols cause antioxidation, taking care of lipid oxidation and reducing the bad cholesterol