Higashine-grown peaches Peaches

Coolness on summer nights raises sweet peaches

Peaches were originally from a plateau region in China; a species of peach called Shanghai Peach became the base for the current Japanese peaches at the beginning of the Meiji era.
A warm climate is desirable for peaches, and Yamagata Prefecture is almost the furthest north as a major production area.
Higashine City grows the most peaches in the prefecture. As the temperature at night in the city is low even during the summer, the sugar content is high, making the city ideal for raising peaches.

Features of Higashine-grown peaches

Sweet scent

Sweet scent

When to eat and how to keep
Higashine-grown peaches


Checklist for when to eat Higashine-grown peaches

東根のもも 食べ頃チェックポイント

Peaches emit a peach-specific scent
Peaches have a surface soft to the touch
Force-ripening is performed at room temperature.

How to keep Higashine-grown peaches

Higashine-grown peaches are normally best to eat when you buy them; so, please eat them as soon as possible. If you have to keep Higashine-grown peaches, put two or three of them in a plastic bag, lightly tighten the mouth of the bag and put the bag in the vegetable area in your refrigerator. Use as many plastic bags as necessary. Nevertheless, the flavor decreases by half. Therefore, please try to eat them within a week.

東根のもも 保存方法